Packaged just for You!
                                                              Packaged Boneless Smoked Hams   
Here they are - freshly vacuum packed and sealed for delivery!

     Packaged Semi-Boneless Hams

                               Smoked Semi-Boneless Easy Carve Hams
                                                              Smoked Semi-Boneless Easy Carve Hams   
We'd like to show you our other line of award winning hams that we offer this year as well.  These are our Thoma Smoked Easy Carve Semi Boneless Hams.  This ham was awarded Grand Champion at the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Packers (PAMP) in 2005 along with our Boneless Hams.  These would also make great gifts for your employees.  The average weight for these fully cooked hams is fifteen to seventeen pounds.    Perhaps this would be the perfect gift we could prepare for you?
                                         Smoked Boneless Hams
                                                              Smoked Boneless Hams   
Here are a couple of pictures of our boneless hams in preparation, before they are vacuum packed and sealed for delivery. 
Carving a Boneless Ham    
We are very proud to say that our Smoked Boneless Hams have been awarded Grand Champion at the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Packers (PAMP) four out of the last eight years!  This is an amazing ham which is good for all occasions, and we are offering them on a wholesale basis this year.  The average weight for these fully cooked hams is eight to ten pounds.  Can we prepare some especially for your customers or employees?
Fresh out of the Smoke House     Fresh out of the
      Smoke House

  Once our fresh hams are pumped one at a time with our special proprietary blend of ham cure and spices, we marinate and massage them and allow time for them to cure. Next we hang them on carts, slow-cook and smoke them (thirty six at a time) for 10 hours using a mixture of hickory and maple wood chips. This picture shows a batch of our Easy Carve Semi-Boneless hams right after they have been cooked and smoked.
                           Christmas Hams
Another of our specialties that we gear up to make lots of this time of year is our Christmas hams.  Our Christmas Hams are still made the old fashioned way from start to finish. While it would be easier and more profitable to buy hams in wholesale form from another supplier and re-label them as ours, we prefer to prepare our own – special for our customers.  Given the work and time that goes in to preparing these hams, we would like to be aware of your interest by the first week (the fifth) of December. We'd like to show you below several of the steps that we go through to make these, before they are packaged.
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Brian and Tim Thoma

Brian and Tim          Welcome!

     We are Brian and Tim Thoma, third generation owners and operators of Thoma's Meat Market in Saxonburg, PA. where our family business has been a tradition for many people in Western Pennsylvania for more than 60 years. Thank you for visiting to see what we would have to say about a very special offering as the Holidays are quickly approaching.

     This is a very special time of the year. As we move through November and into December, our lives all become very busy. So, allow us to help you plan that special gift for your employee, or perhaps food for your company’s Holiday party. 

Below we highlight our Gift Baskets and our Christmas Hams.  Either makes a great gift for your employees or to pass along to your customers to show them just how much they mean to you.  Bear in mind that we also offer gift certificates. They come in denominations that you determine. They can be used during the busy Holiday season, or any time of the year!  Feel free to respond with questions or comment directly to me - Tim Thoma - via email (see above) or you can call as well.

Regardless of what you do, it is our hope and prayer that you reach for the Lord and that you have a wonderful Christmas this year, full of hope and joy!

Thank you,
Brian and Tim Thoma
                                                 Gift Baskets
                                                              Gift Basket   
We are creating very nice Christmas Baskets this year.  This gift has become a traditiGift Basketon with some of our customers.  You can see the variety of good things in our baskets including specialty meat snacks, Troyer Cheese products and Amish Brands condiments. We are happy to make custom baskets with whatever items you would like, if you prefer.