HALF A HOG               

  • Average weight of a half: 80 - 100 lb.
  • Average cost: Call store for pricing.  (Priced per pound of the hanging weight. Subject to change due to market price)
  • Hams: 1 whole ham 17 - 22lb
    • Keep fresh or cured and smoked
    • Leave whole, cut in half, or have center dinner slices (total of 5 - 6 center slices plus ham ends)
  • Bacon:  ​7 - 8 lbs.
    • Keep fresh or cured and smoked
    • Sliced down (minimum of 1lb packages)
  • Shoulder: 
    • You may have a variety of the following or you can pick and choose what to keep:
    • 1. Pork Steaks: 5 - 6 steaks
    • 2. Pork Roasts: 1 - 4 roasts
    • 3. Sausage: 10 - 15 lbs. Anything you don't use goes into ground sausage (For half a hog you may choose one seasoning from below, for a whole hog you may choose two)
      • Seasoning Options: Breakfast Salt/Pepper, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, and Maple
  • Spare Ribs: 1 whole rack - left whole or cracked in half
  • Loin:
    • You may have a variety of the following:
    • 1. Loin Roasts
    • 2. Pork Chops
    • 3. Country Ribs​

Custom hogs

Just like beef, you are able to purchase a whole or half a hog.  You can customize what you would like from curing and smoking, to seasoning sausage.  It will be wrapped twice in freezer and butcher paper along with a label of what the package is.  Below is a listing of what is included in purchasing a half a hog.  If you decide to purchase a whole hog, the listing below will be doubled for the most part.  Please note that weights and amounts will fluctuate depending on the size of hog.  Typically your order is ready for pick up within two weeks from ordering.