Smaller and larger hogs are available upon special order. Please call to find out prices and availability. Hogs are available both in whole and butterfly form. It is best to schedule your order a month prior to your party.

OVEN RENTALS                   

If you are needing a roaster oven, we do have ovens available upon availability. There is a fee for renting the oven and a deposit is needed before the oven leaves the property. When the oven is returned and cleaned by the Wednesday after your party, you receive your deposit on the oven back. The oven is not on a trailer or have a hitch, and we do not deliver them to the location. The oven is 3' x 6.5' and will fit in the back of a pick-up truck or you will have to come with a trailer and we will be able to load it. The oven is not a spit style. You will see in the pictures that it is a grill rack and the pig will be able to be laid out on its stomach or side. 

We do not rent out only the roaster without the purchase of a hog or $100 purchase of products or gift card to the store. 

Once your order is placed we will ask for a minimum of a $50 deposit (that will be deducted from your grand total) for your hog. If we do not receive this deposit, we will not begin thawing of your hog and your hog will be picked up frozen. Depending on your pick up day and cook day, we will work with you to be sure your hog will be thawed out and ready for cooking for you. Depending on the size of your hog, you may have to continue the thawing process once you pick up. It is suggested that you keep it in a cool dry area like a cement floor in a basement or garage. The coolness of the cement will help to keep the hog chilled and allowing it to continue to thaw. Some people will wrap the hog in a blanket or have a bag of ice in the cavity of the hog to keep it chilled.

Average cooking times are shown below:

  • 80 - 100 lbs: 6 hours
  • 100 - 125 lbs: 7 hours
  • 125 - 150 lbs: 8 to 9 hours
  • The internal temperature of a fully cooked pig is 170 degrees

When you pick up your hog and oven we will supply a direction sheet  with the information above along with tips for positioning the hog, lighting the oven, and cleaning of the oven. (Click this link to download the sheet now!)It is important that you allow an additional hour before the allotted cooking time to allow the charcoals to get hot and white. 

Charcoal, fluid, sauces, seasonings, trays, and other supplies for your pig roast are available in the store. We do not inject or season hogs for you.

For more information or to reserve your hog and oven, call 724-352-2020
***Thoma Meat Market does not offer services to come cook the hog. We can give recommendations on individuals who do.

​Roasting hogs

Roasting hogs are popular for weddings, graduations, family reunions, or for a "just because" party! Thoma's has roasting hogs available all year long!


We have hogs that range from 40lb to 160lb on average. Prices vary depending on the size of hog you will need. The size of hog you will need depends on how many you will be feeding! Below is a chart to help determine how big of a hog you will need for your party: