BEEF: Lips/noses, tracheas, ground tripe, whole tripe, lungs, kidneys, neck bones, testicles, spleen, pancreases, liver, bone rib racks, and femur bones.

PORK: Tracheas, lungs, kidneys, neck bones, spleen, liver, pancreases, and bone rib racks.

LAMB: Tracheas, whole tripe, lungs, kidneys, neck bones, testicles, spleen, liver, bone rib racks.

GOAT: Tracheas, whole tripe, kidneys, neck bones, testicles, spleen, liver, and bone rib racks

MISCELLANEOUS: Organ mix, goats milk, chicken hearts, bone dust blend, bully sticks, and smoked pig ears

To place an order for dog food or if you have any questions, please email at thomameat@zoominternet.net

CHICKEN & LAMB BLEND: Ingredients include chicken, lamb, lamb trachea, lamb liver, lamb tripe, chicken hearts, ground chicken bone, lamb spleen, lamb testicles, and lamb kidneys.


 Thoma Meat Market carries two different fresh to frozen blends that come in 2lb or 5lb tubes.​​​ 

​​PORKY BLEND: New frozen all pork Dinnerbell Pride is a complete balanced meal and is a great alternative protein to feed your pets. Nice and lean with just the right amount of fat. It is 90% lean 10% fat along with the pork tracheas in which all the adrenal glands have been removed. Ingredients include pork, pork tracheas, pork livers, pork kidneys, pork spleens, pork bone meal and pork testicles .

BEEF & LAMB BLEND: Ingredients include beef, lamb, beef trachea, lamb trachea, beef liver, lamb liver, beef spleen, beef kidney, beef tripe, lamb tripe, lamb spleen, ground beef bone, beef testicle, lamb kidney, lamb testicle, and beef pancreas.

In 2013, Dinnerbell Pride was created which is a raw diet dog food manufactured exclusively by Thoma Meat Market. We are a U.S.D.A. inspected facility that butchers all natural animals such as beef, hogs, lambs, and goats. Only from these animals are we able to harvest all the organ meat and other cuts that make up a complete and balanced meal for the best health of all dogs and ages.

First, most veterinarians may not like the idea of raw feeding because of active bacteria's that are of course evident in 
raw food. But, these are the exact bacteria's that our pets need to allow their metabolism to respond the way that God intended. All canines ingested raw food of some sort such as chipmunks, rabbits, birds, etc., before cooked kibble companies existed.

  • Raw feeding permits all proteins to serve best in their most natural state for best nutrition and higher energy. Along with the enzymes that are in the raw ground beef tripe allowing the digestive tract system to keep moving food particles forward.
  • Shiner coats, healthier skin, and whiter stronger teeth.
  • Smaller stools
  • Healthier immune system
  • Healthier weight